The garden

Step into our garden

As you approach the front of the house you will pass the rose garden. In the spring it is full of jonquils, tulips and daffodils. On the bank, to the left are rhododendrons, hyacinths and azaleas.

The stairway at the front of the house was renovated in 1995. It leads to our lavender walk and the mill ruins. The next set of steps takes you to the swimming pool area with golden diosmas edging the lawned area. The bank in front of the tennis court took some time to plant. It was all rubble, pushed down from when the court was constructed in 1985. We are very pleased with the way all the plants and shrubs have now established themselves.

Proceed on to the granary, down the steps with the handrail. At the front of the cottage is a small cottage garden Either side are stone retaining walls, converting a very steep bank into something more manageable with overhanging ground covers.

Walking beak up past the pool, on the left is the blue garden and beyond that the tennis court. Continue walking to the rear of the house. We have some more steps with an arched laburnum walk, flowering on October/November. This leads up to the promenade with fruit trees and rows of dahlias. Continue walking to the driveway at the rear of the house and there you will see the rock pool and waterfall.

The garden and the house

The garden - To the Granary

The garden

flowers in the garden